Judges are hand-selected volunteers from key media, supplier and retail member sources. The judging process is a critical step, and procedures and guidelines are put in place to ensure that products are evaluated fairly. 

Judges applying evaluation information


  • The juror evaluation starts with your submission. Take time to draft information for your submission in English and French that will help jurors understand and appreciate the innovation and product development.
  • Food and non-food products are presented to jurors along with the information provided in the submission. This provides jurors with details about the four areas of evaluation in addition to details such as shelf life, suggested retail price, cooking method, and serving suggestions to provide additional information and context.
  • The jury will taste or test the submitted product and spend time examining presentation and packaging.
  • Jurors submit a score for each product out of 100 (four areas, each out of 25 points) with constructive and complementary comments.
  • Participants have the unique benefit of receiving back comments to review successes and opportunities in product development and marketing.
  • Products that receive an overall average score of 70% or more qualify as a finalist; winners are identified in each category for consumer-packaged-goods and private brands as well as the four specialty awards.


The four equally weighted categories for evaluation are:

  1. Innovation and Originality
  2. Product Characteristics
  3. Presentation and Packaging
  4. Overall Consumer Value


If you are interested in participating as a member of the jury, please contact us at events@retailcouncil.org.