Product Categories are designed to represent how you merchandise and market your products. Both consumer packaged goods (national brands) and private label brands are eligible to win in each product category.


fresh pancakes, fresh waffles, packaged tarts, prepackaged fresh baked delicacies, family size snack cake, crispbread and flatbread, prepackaged bread products, fresh baked deli products, fresh tortilla shells, packaged/loose baked desserts, prepackaged sandwiches, store packaged, loose bread product

baking mixes-cakes, baking mixes-cookie, baking mixes-muffin, baking mixes-pie crusts, baking mixes-puddings, biscuit mix, bread and roll mixes, brownie mixes, dumpling mixes, no-bake pie & cheese cake mixes, pizza crust mixes, remaining baking mixes, Yorkshire pudding mixes, baking chips, baking chocolate, baking extracts, baking gums, baking nuts, baking pastes, baking powder, baking soda, cake decorations, cocoa powder, coconut, corn starch, cornmeal, cream of tartar, decorative cake icing and gel, food colouring, glazed fruit, graham crackers, graham crumb crusts, icing mixes, liquid & replacement egg products, maraschino cherries, remaining baking aids, remaining extracts, rye and barley flakes, stuffing mixes, stuffing mixes-fresh, vanilla extracts, yeast, canned evaporated milk, powdered skim milk, remaining canned milk products, remaining milk powders, sweetened condensed milk, desserts-flavored gelatin, desserts-pudding powders, mincemeat, pie fillings, powdered fruit pie fillings, remaining dessert powders, toppings-powdered, flour-20kg & over, flour-all-purpose, flour-cake and pastry, flour-remaining types, lard, shortenings, semi-moist fruit-apricots, semi-moist fruit-currants, semi-moist fruit-dates, semi-moist fruit-prunes, semi-moist fruit-raisins, alternative sweeteners, sugar, breadsticks, cornflake & bread crumbs, croutons, melba toast and rusk

carbonated fruit beverages, carbonated soda water, carbonated soft drinks, coffee substitutes (instant), coffee-instant, coffee-packaged, fruit drinks, fruit nectars, instant tea, ready to drink teas-cans, ready-to-drink tea, unfrozen concentrated fruit drinks, powdered & liquid fruit drink mixes, powdered soft drinks, remaining fruit drinks & mix, fruit juices, tomato juice, unconcentrated vegetable juice, cider, low alcohol beverages, low alcohol malt beverages, tea-packaged, tea-regular, tea-specialty, carbonated water, flat water, clam nectars, cocktail mixes, coconut water, cordials-squash and syrups, extreme energy drinks, flavor drinking powders & liquids, lemon and lime juice, powdered coffee whiteners, tomato base mixers, coffee type drinks, rice & non-dairy alternative beverages, soya drinks, frozen fruit drinks & juices

barbecue sauces, bruschetta toppings, chili sauce, cooking & baking sauce, cooking wine and sherry, cranberry jellies & sauces, dry mustard, fruit glazes, gravy makers and enhancers, ketchup-canned & bottled, meat and seafood sauces, oriental sauces, prepared mustard, sauerkraut, seafood spreads & pastes, sundae toppings, vinegar, wet packed garlic products, flavoured cooking oils, olive oils, salad & cooking oils, sesame oils, vegetable oil sprays, frozen jams and jellies, fruit based marmalade type product, fruit pectins, fruit preservatives, honey, jams jellies & fruit based sweet spreads, non-fruit based sweet spreads, peanut butter, remaining sweet spreads, bacon bits, mayonnaise & spoonable salad dressing, meal preparation kits, salad dressing – ready to use, salad dressing-dry, salad toppings, sandwich spreads, chutney, olives, pickled eggs, pickles, relish, remaining pickled vegetables, baking spices, cooking spices, liquid seasoning, meat tenderizers, pepper, pickling salts, pickling spices, salt, salt substitutes, sea salt, seasonings, molasses, pure maple syrup, table syrups, chip dip-dry, chip/vegetable dip

boxed jellied confections, boxed non-chocolate coated confectionery, hard rolled candy, licorice, mini mints, non-chocolate confections, penny candy, seasonal non chocolate confections, soft chewable candies, boxed choc candy pieces, chocolate candy pieces large size, chocolate holiday 75gm & less, chocolate candy pieces, chocolate candy pieces-remaining, chocolate type candy bars, lunch pack chocolate bars, packaged chocolate bars over 200gm, packaged chocolate confections, seasonal chocolate confections, chewing gum, regular bubble gum, remaining gum, sugarless bubble gum & chewing gum, toppings-aerosol

butter & dairy blends/spreads, margarine, cottage cheese, cream cheese, processed cheese spreads, cream, sour cream, whipping cream, milk, UHT brick-flavoured milk-250ml, dairy beverages-alternative, milk shakes & egg nogs, toppings-chilled & frozen, bakeshop restaurant & snack bar product, drinkable yogurt, refrigerated yogurt, processed cheese slices, cheese sauces, refrigerated yogurt fresh cheese, yogurt culture, coffee creamer frozen & refrigerated, coffee flavourings

cured sliced meats, cured and dried meats & sausages, chunk luncheon meats, luncheon meat sticks, luncheon meats, pre-packaged pates, refrigerated cretons, remaining packaged meat products, pre-packaged cheddar cheese, pre-packaged natural cheeses & cheese slices, shredded cheese blends, cheese strips, remaining cheese sauces, artisan cheeses, random weight natural cheeses

large canned puddings, ice cream cones, marshmallows, ready to eat desserts -canned snack, frozen baked desserts, frozen yogurt, ice cream type products, refrigerated mousse, refrigerated ready to eat desserts, ice cream

bake-off-frozen pies, frozen bread dough, remaining frozen dough & baked goods, frozen breakfasts, frozen french toast, frozen pancakes, frozen waffles, frozen fruit, ready to freeze desserts, frozen dinners, frozen entrees, frozen meat pies, frozen & refrigerated egg/spring rolls, frozen confections, water base freezable confections, frozen seafood, frozen meat patties & steakettes, remaining frozen meat, remaining frozen meat – remaining scan, pizza snacks, prepared pizza pies frozen & refrigerated, frozen French fries & variety, frozen vegetable – regular, frozen vegetable – specialty, remaining frozen foods, fresh pasta, pasta sauce, pizza & lasagna sauce, prepared breakfast, toaster pastries, dinners & entrees, fish & chips, pizza & subs, pizza snacks, refrigerated soup, pizza crusts-refrigerated, refrigerated dough, refrigerated entrees, refrigerated meat pies, refrigerated pasta

fruit & vegetable wash, prepackaged bagged salad, prepackaged produce & fruit, prepackaged salad topping kits, prepared salads, remaining bagged salad, tofu & meat dairy alternative product, packaged vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetable packages

bacon, synthetic bacon products, fresh meat-UPC, prepackaged fresh seafood, refrigerated imitation seafood, sausages-fresh refrigerated & frozen, wieners, eggs (chicken eggs only), remaining eggs

instant breakfast, toaster pastries, hot cereals-oat base, hot cereals-remaining, hot cereals-wheat base, ready to eat cereals, wheat germ, can & bottled apricots, can & bottled fruit-remaining, can & bottled peaches, can & bottled pears, can & bottled pineapple, fruit cocktail-can & bottled non-refrigerated, wet packed two fruits, canned corned beef, canned flaked meat & poultry, canned ham & picnics, canned luncheon meat, canned & bottled boneless chicken & turkey, cocktail sausages & wieners, remaining canned meat, canned lasagna, canned macaroni w/meat & w/cheese, canned ravioli, canned spaghetti, canned spaghetti with meat, dry pasta, instant light lunches, oriental noodles, steam fried & chow mein noodles, dry packaged dinners, dry pizza mixes, instant potatoes, kosher foods, packaged lasagna & spaghetti dinners, taco/tostada type shells, baked beans, canned meat spreads, canned meatball entrees, canned or bottled stews, Chinese food, remaining canned meat based dinners, retortable pouches, apple sauce, bouillon products, dry sauce & gravy mixes-envelope, dry sauce & gravy mixes-non-envelope, oriental fondue & bouillon product, pasta sauces-wet packed, pizza sauce, remaining Mexican foods, taco type relish and sauce, tomato paste, food baskets, grated cheese, health food products, potato pancake mixes, remaining batter mix, remaining delicacies, seafood batter, specialty eastern foods (food), specialty Japanese ethnic food, remaining ethnic food

remaining crackers, snack crackers, soda crackers, peanuts in a shell, assorted nut mixes (savory), pumpkin and sunflower seeds, shelled nuts, jerky, meat snack sticks, compartment snacks, snack foods-corn, snack foods-potato, snack foods-pretzels, snack foods-remaining, snack foods-variety, snack foods-rice

sweet goods, fruit and nut mixes, packaged fruit processed fruit snacks, rice crispy squares/bars, snack & granola bars, cookies, puffed cakes, candied snack foods, lunch kits, chocolate flavored snacks, snack food variety


barbecue equipment, cookware & bakeware, home appliances, small kitchen appliances, multi cookers, beverage makers, electric grills, fryers, blenders, food processers and choppers, toasters and toaster ovens, coffee and tea makers, microwaves, large kitchen tools

baby bibs, baby cleansing cloths, baby feeding cup accessories, baby feeding cups, baby lotions, baby nursers & accessories, baby oils, baby pacifier holders, baby pacifiers & teethers, baby powder, baby utensils & dishes, breast pumps & accessories, cotton swabs, diaper disposal systems, diaper pre-soakers, diaper rash products, disposable bottle liners, disposable change pads, glass & disposable baby bottles, gripe water, infant care accessories, nursing pads, pre-moistened towelettes, baby & junior foods, dairy beverages – toddler, hypo-allergenic product, infant & toddler snacks, infant cereals, infant feeding products, baby pants and diaper liners, cloth diapers, disposable children’s pants, disposable diapers, infant & preschool toys

batteries, battery chargers, portable device chargers, adult activity books/magazines, children’s coloring activity books, children’s reading/education books & magazines, comic books, cookbook/cooking guides, bottling supplies, bulk pop containers, canning accessories, packaged matches, beverage storage containers, cutlery -disposable, cutlery -non-disposable, dinnerware, disposable bowls, disposable containers, disposable cups & dispensers, disposable cutting sheets, disposable food storage containers, disposable plates, disposable tableware, food storage products, home organization products, household accessories, kitchen accessories, kitchen utensils, lunch boxes & thermoses, refuse containers, tableware, travel mugs, eyeglasses & contact lens accessories, bows ribbons & tags, greeting cards, party supplies, remaining candles, wrapping paper, stocking & pantyhose accessories, support hosiery, household furnishings light fixtures, incandescent lamps, lamps and lighting kits, lightbulbs special purpose, night lights, flashlights & lights w/battery, Christmas novelties, Easter novelties, Halloween novelties, pins & needles, scissors, sewing accessories, thread & yarn, travel accessories, baby clothing & linen, backpacks, clothing-belts & sashes, household linens, luggage & tote bags, pillows, purses, bags, wallets, gloves & mitts, umbrellas, watches and accessories, camping supplies, coolers, inline skates, sporting equipment, adhesives, calculators, calendars, correction products, marking pens, office equipment, pencils & leads, photo albums, pictures & picture frames, removable self-stick notes, rolled adhesive tape, school & office supplies, stationery, action figures, children’s novelty bath product, children’s writing instruments, mobiles & rattles, sports & novelty cards, swimming accessories & toys, children and youth vehicles, coffee filter papers, coffee maker accessories, disposable gloves, drinking straws, insect repellents, laundry accessories, playing cards, rubber gloves, step stools, vinyl & leather cleaners & preservatives

hair coloring-permanent, hair coloring-temporary, men’s hair color preparations, rem. hair tinting/bleach products, hair setting gels, hair setting lotions, hair sprays, hair styling mousse, men’s hair spray & groomers, non-aerosol hair sprays, remaining styling products, baby shampoos, hair conditioner, hair rinses, shampoos, bobby pins, barrettes & elastics, face & body hair bleach, hair loss treatment, hair relaxants, hair rollers, hair tonics & dressings, home permanent wave sets, pediculicides

denture adhesives, denture brushes, denture cleansers, denture cushions, denture reliners, dental floss, interdental products, remaining dental care products, dentifrice paste, dentifrice powders & liquids, dentifrice powder & liquid, breath fresheners & purifiers, oral antiseptics, tooth instruments-electric, tooth polish kits, toothache drops, toothbrushes, toothpicks

allergy relief products, cold remedies, cough & cold relief gum, cough drops, cough syrups – non-prescription, liquid cold remedies, nasal inhalers, nasal prep all other, nasal relief strips, nasal sprays, non-syrup cough remedy, nose drops, throat lozenges, throat sprays, vaporizer additives, vitamin c drops, dietary aids, energy bars & drinks, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition bars, sports nutrition drinks, sports nutrition powders, weight gain aides, condoms, contraceptive foams gels & cream, ovulation predictor tests, personal vibrators, pregnancy tests, adhesive bandages, adhesive dressing tape, blood pressure monitors, convalescent care products, cotton balls, fever thermometer lens filter, fever thermometers, first aid dressing products, first aid kits, first aid remaining topical wound care, hot and cold compresses, hot water bottles/heating pads, hydrogen peroxide, ice packs, roll adhesive dressing strip, rolled adhesive tape, rolled cotton, rubbing compound, athletes foot products, foot powders, foot soaps, foot care products, inserts & devices, insoles, remaining foot care products, absorbine vet liniment, alcohol swabs, anti-smoking products, athletic supports/braces, bicholate, bile therapy, boric acid, children’s electrolyte, colpermin/beano, contact lens preparations, corn & callous treatments, diabetic test meters, diarrhea remedies – non-narcotics, disposable eye patches, disposable insulin syringes, douche accessories, ear drops, elastic bandages, enemas, eye drops and lotions, eye preparations, finger & hangnail treatment, glucose test strips, hemorrhoid AL remedies, human insulin, incontinent products, lancets, laxatives, laxatives-remaining, laxatives-suppositories, massage lubricants, medical supports/braces, medical test kits, medicinal accessories, men’s antifungal products, milk intolerant products, mineral oil, nonprescription reading glasses & magnifiers, oral paint, personal lubricants, petroleum jelly, pinworm treatments (drug), remaining health care & beauty aids, remaining peroxide, remaining personal lubricants/creams, shaker top adult talcum powders, sleeping aids, snoring aid treatment, stomach remedies, topical analgesic, topical decongestants, travel aid remedies, wake-up tablets & liquids, wart removers, witch hazel, women’s antifungal products, backache remedies, headache remedies, liquid headache remedies, menstrual relief products, migraine prevention products, adult vitamins-capsules & tabs, anti-oxidant vitamins, children multple vitamins: caps & tab, children’s liquid vitamins, gelatin capsules, natural health supplements, remaining vitamins & dietary supplements, remaining herbals, remaining vitamins, vitamin b complex with c + stress, vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamins-minerals

automotive engine chemical additives, automobile care accessories, automotive air fresheners, automotive antifreeze & coolant, automotive cleaners protector & waxes, automotive interior product, automotive motor oil, automotive parts & accessories, automotive stereos & parts, automotive supplies, automotive windshield cleaner, gardening supplies, gardening tools, grass seed, outdoor fertilizers, plant care products, plant starters, planters, remaining fertilizers, soil, weed killers, 2 & 4 stroke engine oils, aerators, basin stoppers, strainers & chains, electrical supplies, extension cords, fuses, hardware-accessories, hardware-building supplies, hardware-house extension scan only, hardware-insulating products, hardware-plumbing scan only, hardware-plumbing supplies, hardware-power tool attachments, hardware-sandpaper, hardware-tools electric, hardware-tools non electric, hardware-tools remaining scan only, hooks and wall hangers, house exterior accessories, protective equipment, silicone sealants & caulking, snow removal products, store supplies and utilities, utility specialty tape, workbench organizers, allergen control products, household paint, painting & wallpapering supplies, remaining house paints-stains & varnishes, home hazard detectors, home hazard deterrents, home hazard protector, ice melting products, locking devices, household cleaning tools & accessories, household electrical appliances, lye, machine oils & lubricants, small appliance replacement parts, outdoor products, outdoor surface cleaners, swimming pool water care & cleaning

computer storage media, electronic keyboards, portable computer storage, TV, stereo, & radios, camera accessories, cameras, flash cubes & flash bulbs, photographic film, single use cameras, electric fans, humidifiers and vaporizers, telephones & accessories, voice assistant / smart speakers, smart home devices, video doorbell, wi-fi extenders, activity/health trackers, dash camera, GPS devices

dish detergent, dishwasher detergents, rinse agents, candles, fabric refresher, outdoor toilet deodorizers, pot pourries, toilet bowl deodorizer & freshener, abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bathroom accessories, bathroom cleaners, cleaning solvent, coffee machine descaler products, dishwasher cleaners, drain cleaners, dusting aids, floor cleaners-waxes & liquids, floor waxes-pastes, furniture polishes & dusting aids, glass cleaners, household bleaches, household bleaches, household cleaners, metal polish & cleaners, oven cleaners, remaining descaler & appliance cleaners, rug cleaners, scouring pads, scouring pads-soapless, surface cleaning systems, toilet bowl cleaners, upholstery cleaners & preservatives, vacuum bags, wax strippers, wood cleaners & preservatives, liquid detergents-laundry, packaged detergents, packaged laundry soaps, anti-static products, bar laundry soap, blueing agents, color removers, fabric softeners/scent boosters, home dry cleaning, laundry colour protection, laundry dispenser units, laundry stain removers, laundry starch, lint removers, multipurpose stain removers, wrinkle releaser, shoe polish, shoe protectors, aerosol oven protectors

aluminum foil products, baking cups-paper, decorative coverings, disposable toilet seat covers, paper towels-rolled & boxed, placemats, table napkins-paper, utility cloths, bathroom tissues, facial tissues, special purpose dry tissues, aluminum foil, clear plastic wraps, cooking wraps and bags, freezer paper, paper lunch bags, paper waste bags, parchment paper (food), plastic bags, waxed paper

blades, chemical depilatory products, disposable razors, hair removers-wax, ladies shave cream, men’s aerosol shave creams, razors, remaining razors, shaving lather, hair removal implements & accessories, men’s electric shavers, women’s electric shavers, face cleansers & cold cream, face creams & lotions, non-medicated cleansing sponges, remaining face care products, toners & astringents, feminine douches, feminine hygiene products, feminine towelettes, lip care, personal deodorant, sanitary belts & accessories, sanitary protection-pads & liners, sanitary protection-pants & cups, sanitary protection-tampons, bath sponges & brushes, hand & body skin treatment -other form, hand body and all-purpose cream and lotions, hand cleaners, hand sanitizers, skin care products, skin care products-prescription, specialty creams & lotions, sun care products, tan care products, after bath splashes, bath beads, bath oils and additives, bubble bath, children’s bath additives, liquid hand soap, medicated soaps and cakes, shower gels, foams & body wash, toilet soap, toilet soap fragrance line extensions, grab bags & youth packs, combs & brushes, hair nets/shower & night caps/rain bon, household furnishings mirrors, manicure products, pedicure/foot beauty products, personal grooming implements, remaining toiletries (drug), tweezers & eyelash curlers, artificial nails & accessories, cosmetic pads (drug), cover sticks, dusting powder (drug), eye make-up: eye shadow, eye make-up: eyeliner/brow line, eye make-up: mascara, face make-up: blusher, face make-up: concealer/remaining, face make-up: liquid/creme, face make-up: powder, make up accessories, makeup concealers, make-up: lip colour, nail colour, total kits, gift sets, nail polish removers, nail products, after shave lotions, all purpose lotions, fragrances

cat food-dry, cat food-wet packed, cat food-semi-moist, descript cat food, dog food-dry, dog food-semi-moist, dog food-wet packed, bird seed, remaining pet food & treats, cat & dog collars, leashes & choke chains, cat box filler, cat box liners, cat litter deodorizers, flea protection, pet care products, pet toys


Specialty Awards recognize best performance overall. In addition to qualifying to win in your chosen product category, all entries can qualify for our five specialty awards:.


This special award is presented to the product that has  reached the highest score from the presentation and packaging category.


This special award is presented to the product that has reached the highest average score amongst all the products in the innovation and originality category of evaluation.


This special award is presented to the product that has reached the highest average score from the overall consumer value category.


The Excellence in Ethnic Products award will be presented to a product self-identified in the submission form as having ethnic roots with ingredients used or in manufacturing process and evaluated for average overall score along with information shared in the submission form describing origins, innovation, and importance to the Canadian market.


The All-Canadian Award will be presented to the product that has reached the highest average score amongst all products developed, created, and manufactured in Canada.


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